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A Baseboard Heating System Is A Good Choice For Whole-House Or Supplemental Heating

If you need to install a new heating system in your house or if you're building an addition that will need heat, look into baseboard heating. Baseboard heating has good points that might make it a better choice for your home than a forced-air furnace or heat pump. Here are a few things to know about baseboard heating systems.

They Can Be Powered Two Ways

You have a choice of electric or hydronic baseboard heaters. Electric heaters can plug in a wall or be hardwired to your home's electricity. These rely on electric heat to create warmth in a room. Hydronic heaters need electricity to work too, but rather than use electricity to heat the air, the heaters use electricity to heat the fluid that flows through the heater.

You can use either type of heater for your home, but a hydronic baseboard heating system will probably be the most energy-efficient if you want to heat your entire house with baseboard heaters.

You Can Use Them As Supplemental Heat

You can heat your whole house with baseboard heaters alone, or you can use the heaters as a supplemental form of heat. This would allow you to turn the thermostat down on your HVAC so it runs less often, but you'll still stay warm in the rooms where you place a baseboard heater.

However, if you need an entirely new heating system for your home, you can have the heaters installed in several rooms of your home and control each of the units independently so you only warm up the rooms that need it.

Baseboard Heaters Don't Need Ducts Or Blowers

A baseboard heating system doesn't use ducts, so it can be more efficient to operate than a big furnace with ducts. A baseboard system relies on convection to warm the room a heater is in. It does this by pulling in cooler air and warming it before letting the warm air escape as the heat naturally rises from the heater. No blower fan is needed, so the unit works quietly and more efficiently than running a big furnace to heat your entire house when you're not using all the rooms.

Baseboard Heating Is More Affordable

If you need a new heating system and you have a small budget, baseboard heaters are an excellent choice. Electric heaters are quite affordable and easy to install. Hydronic heaters cost more, but they usually have lower operating costs. The equipment and installation are still much less expensive than a furnace or heat pump.

These heaters are also a good choice for tiny homes or older homes that don't have room for ducts or where installing ducts would be too disruptive. The heaters are small and mounted near the floor so they're out of the way. Reach out to a professional to learn more about baseboard heating systems