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Tips To Give Your Home A Professional Paint Job

Your home is going to need to be painted from time to time to give it a fresh and clean look. Painting even the smallest of rooms can be a daunting task. From trimming to painting the ceiling, it can be a lot of work for one person to do. If you aren't up to the task, you should hire a professional painter to get the job done for you. If you are up to the task, read on for tips to help give your home a professional-looking paint job.

Tape Off Trim Work

Use painter's tape to trim the wall you are planning on painting. You can use painter's tape to prevent paint from getting into places where you don't want the paint to get on, such as the trim, ceilings, or other walls. Painter's tape can be found at your local hardware store or paint supply store. Apply the tape to your wall and seal it in place using a straight edge, such as a plastic card or a scraper. 

Work Slowly

Take your time when painting. If you try to work too quickly to get the job done, you will end up with a sloppy paint job. You'll get paint everywhere, leave streaks or have dripping paint everywhere. Even if it takes a day or two or three to get a room in your home painted, that's OK. It's a paint job that's going to last for several years, so make sure you take your time with it to ensure it looks good. If you don't have enough time, consider hiring a painter. 

Trim Out The Room

Trim the room with a paintbrush to get around the trim work and the edges of the walls and in the joint between the ceiling and the walls. Use a 2 1/2 inch angled paintbrush to trim the room. Don't use an old paintbrush that has dried-up paint still stuck to the bristles. Be sure the paintbrush you are using is clean and free of old paint to ensure your paint job looks as best as it can. Clean the paintbrush thoroughly with mineral spirits so you can reuse it.

Roll The Walls

Roll the walls with a 5/8 inch roller. You don't want anything too thick, or you'll just end up with streaks and dripping paint everywhere. Coat the roller with paint and apply it to your walls using a roller frame tool. If you have tall walls, you can use an extension pole to get you to reach higher on the wall. Apply the paint evenly to your walls moving the roller in a vertical motion.

Trim And Paint The Ceiling

After your walls are dry, paint your trim and your ceiling. Don't just paint the walls and call it a day. Give the room a fresh and clean look by painting the room entirely. Complete the paint job by painting these areas.

Give your home a professional-looking paint job by using the tips above. Be sure to apply your paint evenly and go over your paint a second time after the first coat is dry if needed. Hire a professional painter like one at AAA Action Painting to get the job done for you if you don't think you can get the job done yourself.