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Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Home's Wood Siding

Wood siding is a popular choice for homes, and with proper care, it can add a lot to a home's curb appeal. If you're planning on adding new wood siding to your house, you surely know that doing so requires a large financial investment. Thus, you want your wood siding to last for as long as possible. Luckily, being proactive and doing several things can keep the residential wood siding looking great for many years. Just a small amount of effort can ensure that your home's wood siding lasts for a long time. Use the following tips to extend the life of your home's wood siding.

Keep Up on Sealing and Painting the Wood

Wood siding will not last for an extended amount of time without attention. If you have had wood siding installed on your home, it is important to keep up with sealing and painting the wood. In most cases, wood siding should be sealed every couple of years.

Painting does not need to be done as frequently. If you see that the paint on your siding is cracking, peeling, or bubbling, it is time to repaint. When wood siding is sealed and painted, your home will look better, and the wood will be protected from the elements.

Ensure that Trees and Shrubs are Trimmed Back

Trees and shrubs add a lot to a yard's beauty, but your landscaping choices can be detrimental to your home's wood siding. Trees and shrubs retain moisture, so the last thing that you want is for them to be growing right against the siding.

In addition to moisture, if trees and branches are touching your siding, the branches and limbs can scratch or damage the paint. If you have invested in beautiful wood siding, be diligent about keeping your trees and shrubs properly trimmed.

Maintain Your Gutter System

Many people do not realize that their home's gutter system can make a big difference in how long their wood siding will last. Gutters that are in good repair will properly divert water away from the roofline and the exterior walls of your home.

If your home's gutter system has clogs or cracks, water will not be properly diverted and will end up saturating the siding. This can lead to a number of issues, such as mold and mildew growth or wood rot. Inspect your gutter and have it cleaned regularly to keep your wood siding in good condition. 

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