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4 Tips For Using Natural Stone When Installing A New Pool Before The Summer Weather

Soon, the winter weather is going to be over and spring will be here. Before the summer heat arrives, you may want to have a place to start cooling down, and installing a new pool is the perfect project for this. Here are some tips to help with installing a new pool with attractive natural stone design in time for cooling down during the summer heat:

1. Designing the Perfect Outdoor Oasis With Your Pool and Hardscaping

There are landscaping and hardscaping that will need to be installed around your pool area. It is important to consider the design of these features for thing like more privacy and blending the pool into its natural surroundings. A combination of natural and synthetic stone designs can be used to blend your pool into the surrounding landscaping for an attractive natural look.

2. Adding Modern Filtration Designs to Reduce Maintenance and Chemicals

There are many different choices of pool filtration designs. These modern pool filter systems are a great improvement to reduce the need for maintenance and chemicals. One type of filtration system that you may want to consider is a natural filtration design. This type of system uses a combination of natural stone, gravel, sand, and living plants to filter the water and make your pool free of harsh chemicals.

3. Creating a Custom Hot Tub Area for More Enjoyment of Your Pool  

Another design feature that you may want to consider for your pool is a spa and hot tub area. This can be an area that is designed to be integrated into your pool or installed separately. To give your hot tub area an elegant look, use materials like natural stone to help blend it into the surroundings and landscaping around your pool area.

4. Grottos, Rock Features, and Shallow Depths for Modern Pool Designs

One of the great custom features that can be added to a pool with stone are grottos. Synthetic materials can be used to create the shape of these features and natural stone materials to complete the interior of your grotto. In addition to a grotto, you may want to consider other modern pool design solutions, such as a shallower depth.

These are some tips to help with installing a pool before the summer heat. If you want to make sure you have a place to cool down when the summer months get here, contact a rock service, like Southwest Brick & Fireplace, to get materials like natural stone to begin making over your pool area.