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Make Your Own Kiddie Pool Pond And Waterfall

If you are looking for a fun weekend project to do that you can enjoy for a long time to come, then you may want to make a small pond for your yard. You can make a small, functional pond with ready-mix concrete, a kiddie pool, a pond pump and filter, rocks, and a shovel. You will find all of the instructions you need to make this pond right here:

Start by measuring the kiddie pool and digging a hole large enough to accommodate it

You want to measure the circumference and the depth of the kiddie pool and use a shovel to dig out a hole that is slightly larger than those measurements, right where you are going to want the pond to be.

Prepare the hole and put the kiddie pool in place. Fill the bottom of the hole a little bit with fine sand and then put the pool in place. Take more of the fine sand and use it to fill all of the gaps around the pool, so it sits in a nice, secure hole.

Prepare the ready-mix and use it to create the pond area

Once you have prepared the ready mix concrete, then you are going to spread it along the top of the kiddie pool evenly, going outward to create a nice area around the pond itself. While you want this area to be smooth, you should also give it a little bit of texture, so it has a natural look to it. Also, make sure to put the filter in the pool and use the concrete to create a tunnel for the hose and cord to go through.

Build up the waterfall area where you want it

You can take large rocks and use the ready-mix concrete to concrete them in place. Work the rocks up slowly, until you get the waterfall to the height that you want it to be. Run the hose for the pump through small holes in the rocks and have it pointing out of one of the top rocks just enough, so the water pumped out of the pond will be let back down the waterfall rocks in a way that creates the waterfall scene. Do not fill up the kiddie pool, which will now be the pond, or turn on the pump and filter until you have allowed all of the ready mix to dry completely.