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3 Tips To Help Prevent Damage On Court Surfaces After Having Repairs Done

Sports courts get a lot of wear and abuse, which means they eventually need to be resurfaced and repaired. When you have repairs done to a court, there are some improvements to drainage and the surface that will help it last longer and reduce problems with cracks and other damage. Here are some tips to help prevent damage to court surfaces when you have repairs done:

1. Choosing Flexible and Durable Surface Materials for Resurfacing

Typically, sports court surfaces are made of materials like concrete or asphalt pavement, which are durable but have some problems. Today, there are many choices of materials that can be used as an alternative, such as recycled rubber and plastic materials that can be used for porous pavements. These modern materials give advantages, such as a more porous surface that drains better to prevent erosion. The surface is also more ergonomic, which makes it more comfortable and safer to play sports on.

2. Improving Drainage of The Area Being Resurfaced to Prevent Erosion

One of the biggest causes of damage to courts is poor drainage, which can lead to cracks, erosion and problems with the surface like holes and impressions. Improving the drainage of the area around the court will help prevent problems with damage to the surface that is caused by erosion and poor drainage. It is a good idea to have drainage lines installed around the perimeter of the paved area, and make sure that there is a slight slope to allow water to drain properly.

3. Protective Sealcoating to Protect Court Surfaces from Wear and Damage

Sealcoating is a process of sealing the surface of pavements, which has many benefits for sports court surfaces. It will help prevent problems with erosion that happens when water seeps through cracks of pavements. Sealcoating is something that you will want to have done when you have court resurfacing done, and it can be done routinely during the life of the surface. With sealcoating, you also have options for different colors, lines, and designs that can be painted on the surface when you have it sealed. This is a great option to ensure the surface of your court always looks like new.

These are some tips to help prevent damage to court surfaces when you have repairs done. If you need help with repairs and improvements, contact a paving service and talk with them about court repair to reduce wear and prevent damage to court surfaces.