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Transform A Small Plot Of Land Into A Recreational Area

If your toddler is active during the day and you own a small plot of land next to the condominium that you reside in, transform the property into a recreational area by following the directions listed below. Equipment that is lightweight and doesn't take up much space can be erected on the land and to complete the project, you can add a small seating area so that you can watch your youngster as they enjoy themselves while they "run off" their energy,


  • fencing
  • measuring tape
  • tools
  • swing set (including sliding board, and ladder)
  • sandbox 
  • sand
  • sifters, pails, and cups
  • canopy
  • patio furniture

Install Fencing And Erect A Swing Set

Go outdoors and measure the plot of land. Decide how much of the property you would like to enclose and hire a fencing company to install a chain link or wooden fence around the perimeter that you have selected. Purchase playground equipment that is versatile and easy to assemble. A swing set that is constructed of durable plastic or wooden pieces can be installed with basic tools. A set that includes a sliding board and ladder will provide your child with ample activities to participate in while outside.

If there are a lot of swing set pieces that need to be attached, have a friend assist you with the task. One of you can read the instructions while the other person locates specific pieces and uses hardware to secure them. Set the swing set on a flat part of the ground and anchor the base of the set by pushing the bottom pieces through the ground's surface. 

Prepare A Sandbox And Add Furniture

Purchase a wooden or plastic sandbox. Pour bags of sand into the base of the box. Add accessories to the box, including sifters, pails, and cups so that your youngster can create sand castles or other masterpieces with the sand. Erect a basic canopy over the box so that your child can enjoy playing in the sand without being exposed to direct sunlight.

Choose a corner of the playground to utilize as a viewing area. Place patio furniture in the corner so that you can sit down and relax while watching your child use their playground equipment. Place a phone, camera, and refreshments on the table. You can call your friends and family members while outdoors and take pictures of your child. The refreshments will come in handy if you or your child would like a snack or drink while outdoors. 

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