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Wait! Replace Warped Subflooring Before Installing Hardwoods

Are you about to install new hardwood flooring? Did you know that if your subflooring is warped, the new wood flooring will not install perfectly and could end up warping? This is due to the lack of level support and the gaps that will allow moisture to build up below the wood planks. Before you start laying your new hardwoods, replace those sections of warped subflooring.

Start with the Baseboards

Before the warped subflooring can be removed, you must remove the baseboards. This is a step that generally needs to be taken before the hardwoods go down anyway. Don't just get the pry-bar and start ripping the baseboards off of the wall. Doing so will damage the walls and make more work that you probably don't need.

To safely remove the baseboards, you need a pry-bar and a metal putty knife. Position the putty knife on the wall just above the area of the baseboard where a nail is located. Now, gently force the pry-bar between the putty knife blade and the baseboard.

Tip – If reusing the baseboards is in your plans, number each board and write that number on the wall where it was removed. This will eliminate the need to measure and cut them when you replace them.

Remove the Old Subflooring

Take a look at what was used to hold the subflooring in place. It could be screws or nails. If screws were used, get out your drill with a screw driver bit and remove each screw. You can keep those screws to use to install the new flooring to save yourself a little cash. If nails are used, you will have to use the claw on your hammer to remove them.

Use your pry-bar to lift the far corner section of the flooring. If you can keep the existing flooring intact, you can use it as a template to cut the replacement flooring to size without the trouble of measuring twice and cutting once. Simply lay it over the new material, trace it and cut it.

Install New Subflooring

Place the measured and cut subflooring material in place. Drill holes about every six inches for the screws to easily go in place.

If you live in a moisture rich environment, a coat of water sealant is a good next step. This will prevent the new subflooring from warping again and causing the hardwoods from warping. Just be sure to allow the sealant to dry fully before installing your hardwoods.

This process may seem time consuming, and it can be, but it will help to ensure that your new hardwood floors look as good as they should for many years to come. For more information, contact companies like New York Hardwood Floors.