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What To Do When Your Plants Are Just Not Growing

When you plant seeds, you may discover that the seeds just won't sprout. It might be that you simply have bad seeds. However, another option is that there is something wrong with your topsoil and that this is causing you to be unable to get anything to grow. Topsoil is where your plants retrieve nutrients and moisture from, but if there is something wrong with the soil, your plants will not grow.

The Proper Drainage For Your Plants

For your plants to thrive, you need soil that is well-draining, but that also is able to hold moisture long enough for your plant to absorb it. Sandy soil causes water to drain more rapidly. Adding more clay to the soil allows for the moisture to be retained more easily. But if the soil contains too much clay, this will cause water to stagnate and may be hazardous to the plants. If you have a lot of clay in your soil, adding grit and manure is recommended. 

Making Compost

Making your own homemade compost might be necessary in order to improve the conditions of your soil so that you can grow plants that would otherwise be struggling. Compost can be made from food scraps and worms. However, the compost is not enough to nourish your soil, so it is also important to supplement your compost with fertilizer. 

Managing Your Fertilizer

You may have added too much or not enough fertilizer. Fortunately, you can collect soil samples to have them tested to determine how many nutrients are in the fertilizer. If you do not have enough fertilizer, you can add more. If you have too much fertilizer, you can add more water in order to dilute it.

Replacing Your Plants

The problem might be with the plant itself. If you have purchased the plant from a gardening center, take pictures of it as well as other plants that are growing properly. Then, take the pictures back to the gardening center. This can be used as evidence to give you replacement plants. 

Replacing Top Soil

You may need to add new top soil. Top soil comes with nutrients and bacteria that will help your plants grow. The top soil is the portion of your soil that plants will extend their roots into and which will have the most nutrients. Fortunately, there are many companies, such as Purdy Topsoil & Gravel, that sell top soil that you can add to your property.