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Are Your Rain Gutters Begging For Repairs Or Replacements? Here Are 4 Signs To Look For

Rain gutters are just as an important component of your home as the foundation and walls are. Without properly functioning gutters in place, you may end up having to deal with more than your fair share of things like mold buildup, mosquito infestations, and structural rotting. Here are four things to look out for that could tell you whether your rain gutters should be repaired or replaced:

Sagging, Cracking, and Rusting

If your rain gutters sag in places, looked cracked in areas, or rust is beginning to develop, it's a good idea to have a professional inspect them to see if they need repairs or a replacement altogether. Fractures, tears, and cracks can lead to water leakage that can result in foundation and home damage as time passes. Sagging and rust make rain gutters weak so they can't perform their function properly no matter what time of year it is.

Take the time to visually check each gutter that's connected to your home about once a month, especially during the winter season when rain water is abundant. Look underneath and behind each of them, as rust or cracks might be developing in places where you can't see it when looking from a head-on position.


If your rain gutters aren't correctly connected to your home, you'll start to notice gaps between your home's frame and the gutters themselves. When this happens, the gutters can't catch water from your roof and direct it away from your home. This means that mold and mildew buildup as well as water damage is a big possibility if the detachment problems aren't addressed sooner rather than later.

Check all the fasteners on your gutter system to make sure that none have broken off at some point. If even one is missing, it's important to have a service technician come install new fasteners and inspect the ones that are still their for performance. If having the fasteners repaired and replaced doesn't help your gutter remain level to the roof, you may need to have the entire gutter system replaced.

Peeling Paint and a Worn Look

Not only does peeling paint and an overall worn look spell trouble for the performance of your rain gutters, but it decreases curb appeal and can have a negative impact on your property's resale value as time goes on. Peeling paint on worn out gutters typically signals old age, and with old age comes poor performance when considering the life of a rain gutter.

If your gutters look old and have seen better days, have a professional inspect them for quality, performance, and stability. If any small problems are present your service provider can fix them and then you can paint the gutters to give them a new look. If large problems are found, you'll have an opportunity to make gutter replacements so they not only look newer, but perform better too.

A Water Damaged Basement

Believe it or not, if your rain gutters aren't performing properly it could damage your basement due to unnecessary water buildup. If all the water draining off your roof isn't caught in the gutters, it can leak into your walls and end up down in the basement where it puddles and causes havoc.

You may notice discoloring along the walls, mold and mildew lurking in the corners, and rotting wood inside the basement if it's being affected by a poorly working gutter system. Have a professional inspect the walls, floors, and framing of your basement to determine whether the gutters are impacting its condition. It's a lot less expensive to replace gutters than it is to rebuild a basement due to water damage.

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