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Buying Or Developing Property On The New Jersey Shore? Know Your Permits

Construction always requires a set of permits. Specialty construction or certain zones of the country require additional, extra-special permits. For all intents and purposes, the following examples show how one state, New Jersey, has and requires several different permits to build along the Jersey shore. 

NJDEP/CAFRA Permitting

No construction on the New Jersey shorelines occurs without first applying for and securing CAFRA permits. The acronym, CAFRA, stands for Coastal Areas Facilities Act, which doubles as both a specialty building permit and a coastal environment protection law. If you have purchased coastal property and want to develop it for any reason and purpose, you have to first purchase this permit, and then follow the guidelines and regulations outlined within the permit. Deviations from this permit and/or harm caused to the coastal environment on or around the property you purchased results in severe penalties.

Standard Residential and/or Beachfront Home Construction

These permits are fairly standard if you are building a residence along the Jersey shore. They also apply up to several miles inland. There are a few extra quid pro quo's for beach houses, since the houses have to be very solid and constructed on a very rigid foundation to avoid collapse from ocean storms and flooding, but your contractor will take care of the paperwork for all of this.

Home Elevation

Parts of New Jersey are at or below sea level. This means that many of the homes built along the shoreline and about fifty miles inland may be at risk for storm and flood damage. If the property you purchased already has a home or two on it, you may want to elevate them to protect them. This requires another specialty permit referred to as a "home elevation" construction permit. The cost of this permit and application process, as well as any other permits related to the work, should be itemized in your contractor's estimate of the cost of the work.

Restoration and/or Remodeling Permits

In addition to the above permits, you may need a restoration permit (if the buildings on your Jersey shore property are vintage or antiquated) and/or a remodeling permit if you want or need to update buildings on the property. Because this type of construction is not new construction, the state of New Jersey requires different permits for the work. As with all of the above types of construction permits for Jersey shore construction, you will need a licensed contractor to obtain the permits for you.

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