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Stuck with an Overflowing Toilet? 3 Things You Need to Do

Do you have an overflowing toilet in your bathroom? You are likely feeling stressed out and frustrated because you do not know how to fix the problem and do not want to deal with water damage in your home. You cannot expect the water to stop flowing on its own, so it is definitely important to take swift action. Consider following the steps below to solve the overflowing problem while saving your floors from some serious water damage.

Stop the Water Right Away with a Simple Technique

Acting quickly is one way to keep water from flowing over directly onto the floor. Open the tank attached to the back of the toilet and then place your hand directly underneath the fill valve. You will need to gently pull the valve up. Make sure you do not pull it too hard, or you could cause a piece of the valve to break off. Once you do pull the valve up, the water will immediately stop running out and over the toilet.

Get a Plumber to Come Out to Your Home

Hiring a plumber is the best way to solve this problem, especially if you are not sure what is causing the blockage. Pulling the fill valve up is only a way for you to stop the water from overflowing, but you will still need help solving the underlying problem. The plumber may need to adjust the cut-off valve and focus on taking most of the water out of the toilet before reaching down into it with an auger. Using an auger allows the plumber to pull out anything that may be causing a bit of a blockage.

Take Preventative Measures to Avoid Future Problems

The reason your toilet overflowed in the first place may have been because there was some type of blockage keeping the water from flowing through the way that it should. The best thing to do to avoid a blockage is to watch how much toilet paper you are using before flushing. If you are using the bathroom for a while and need to use a bit more than just a small amount of toilet paper, consider flushing while you are still going just to keep a blockage from occurring.

You should never use anything other than toilet paper. Flushing baby wipes or even some paper towel down the toilet could cause major blockages and lead to damaged pipes. If you have young children, make sure to monitor how much toilet paper they are flushing down. You should also make sure they are not putting any foreign objects in there that could cause blockages as well.

An overflowing toilet is not a good sight to see, but you can stop the water from flowing onto your floor by pulling the fill valve up. Once you have stopped the water, it is best to have a plumber come out to inspect and repair any problems. Click to read more about plumbing repair.