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How To Handle A Dead Tree In Your Front Yard

If you've noticed a lack of leaves, and maybe even falling branches, then you might have a dead tree on your property. Even if it's a beloved tree, you should not leave it alone and hope it gets better. The tree might be dead and rotting from the inside. This could be potentially very dangerous. During a windstorm or lightening strike the tree could come crashing down. This might wreck your car, or worse, fall onto your home. Do you want to risk your family's safety, worrying that some stormy night the huge tree could come crashing into a bedroom? Of course not, so here's how to handle it.

Have A Professional Tree Service Evaluate The Oak

Before you have the tree cut down you should make sure it is actually dead. It might just be sick and in need of pruning, root stimulators, or other measures that tree experts will know about.

Don't Cut It Down Yourself

Once you've determined that the tree is dead, you should have a professional cut it down. You should not attempt to cut down a large tree yourself. If you do, you risk the tree falling the wrong direction and crashing into your home. The better solution is to have experts handle the situation. They can either cut it own using directional cuts, which will angle the tree away from your home, or they will cut it from the top in sections. This will involve climbing the tree and using a chainsaw to cut it down piece by piece starting with the top. This is often done in situations where there is not enough fall space for the tree. If you happen to have a small piece of property relative to the size of the tree, then the top-down method is the way to go.

Have The Tree Cut To Lengths (Keep The Logs If You Want)

If you have a wood burning stove, you should keep the logs for firewood. Even if you don't have a firewood stove, you should consider keeping the logs. You might have a friend who would like the wood, or you could even sell it for a small price. This could help recoup the expense of cutting down the tree.

Grind Down The Stump

Once the tree is cut down, you will have to deal with the stump. You have three options. First, you can let the stump remain. Some people like the look of an old tree stump. You can decorate it with flower pots. However, if you want to get rid of it you will either have to use a grinder or a backhoe. The grinder is a good choice because it causes the least disruption to your lawn. The backhoe is best suited for major construction areas that are being prepped for new homes. It will tear up too much of your lawn and necessitate reseeding and basically an entire new lawn. A tree expert can come in with a stump grinder and work in a very tight area without disrupting the whole lawn. Once the stump is ground down bellow the surface you can fill the spot with soil and then seed with grass.

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