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Purchase A Portable Water Heater To Bring Along With You On A Camping Trip

If you are going to be camping for several weeks this summer, purchase a portable water heater to bring along with you. A tankless water heater will come in handy during any of the following situations and can be utilized once your trip has ended, as well. 

Shower Near Your Site

Set up the tankless water heater next to your campsite so that you can shower whenever you would like, without needing to walk to a separate facility or feel uncomfortable about washing yourself around others. Hang the water heater in a discreet location so that you are provided with plenty of privacy. Many heaters come with a bracket or hook that will assist with hanging the heater from a sturdy object.

If you are going to be hiking in the woods or swimming in freshwater that is located nearby, being able to shower before entering your tent or motor home will help you feel fresh and prevent your sleeping quarters from getting dirty. 

Spray Cooking Utensils, Dishes, And Furniture

Rinse cooking utensils, dishes, or a barbecue grill off after each use by spraying them with water from the tankless heater once you have applied dish detergent and scrubbed each item. You can adjust the temperature of the water by turning a dial on the heater. If you often eat meals outdoors at a patio table, spray it off, as well so that your dining area remains clean throughout your camping extravaganza.

Rinse Off Your Vehicle 

If you have been driving around the area that you are visiting throughout your camping trip, your vehicle may be covered with mud or dust on occasion. This can make it difficult to see through the windshield and would typically require you to visit a commercial car wash. Instead of being hassled by needing to locate a car wash, rinse your vehicle off right at your campsite so that you can immediately get on the road after you have finished or continue exploring your immediate surroundings without needing to travel.

You may find that the portable, tankless water heater comes in handy after you use it on your camping trip. Once you arrive home, continue using the water heater to assist with washing outdoor items, such as the exterior of your home, furniture, lawn equipment, and more. If you are impressed with how the portable heater works, purchase a tankless heater for the inside of your home and have it permanently installed by a contractor. Visit for more information.