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The Required Tools For Making A Roof Repair

When you order shingles for your roof, you should order an extra bushel of shingles so that you have some shingles available to you to make repairs as needed. One key benefit of using asphalt shingles is that you don't have to have special training such as might be required to work with slate or clay tiles. However, before you start making your own roof repairs, you do need to make sure that you have the right tools available to you to make quick and quality repairs. 

Utility Knife

When you slide a new shingle into place on your roof, you may need to cut it to make sure it fits in the space occupied by the old shingle. It also helps to cut the top corners of the shingle off so that the shingle slides into place more easily. You can accomplish all of these cutting tasks with a utility knife. While you can buy disposable knives, you should consider buying a reusable model. Reusable knives tend to be stronger than disposable knives so you don't have to worry about the knife body flexing and causing the knife blade to go off track when making cuts. When using a reusable knife, make sure you have ample replacement blades available so that you can change out the blade whenever it starts to get dull. 

Hammer and Cat's Paw

When pulling out old shingles, you could use the claw's on your hammer, but using a cat's paw will allow you to slide your tool in place without lifting the overlapping shingle at a sharp angle. Thus, the cat's paw minimizes the risk of damaging surrounding shingles while making repairs. 

Roofing Cement

When you remove old nails, you need to make sure to fill the holes they leave behind so that any water that may leak under your shingles does not have an entry point to your home. Filling nail holes with a dab of roofing cement should be all it takes. You can also use roofing cement to stick down the bottom edge of shingles that have started to curl, which will help to extend the life of failing shingles. 

Measuring Tape

In order to make sure your replacement shingles are the right size to fit in the space left behind by old shingles, you will need to use a measuring tape to make accurate measurements. 

As you can see, you don't need a lot of tools to make repairs to a shingle roof. All of these tools and the nails required to fasten new shingles in place should fit in a contractor's tool belt. Just check to make sure you have all the tools you will need before you strap on your tool belt and head to the roof. 

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