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How Modern French Doors Are Designed With Security In Mind

Although French doors have always been admired for their chic styling and ability to flood a room with natural light, they have also been scrutinized for their vulnerability to home intruders. Older models of these classic doors did indeed have security issues fundamental to their design, but newer versions have been updated with modern home-security measures to ensure the safety of your home and family. If you love the look of French doors but have been on the fence because of their security reputation, read on to learn how this has changed for your benefit.

Tinting Windows for Privacy

French windows can effectively turn a wall into a window, making rooms appear larger and flooding your home with sunlight during the day. But many homeowners are also concerned about passerby peeking in through the doors to scope out the people and valuables inside. In response, many French doors designed for outdoor use are now made using tinted glass, which still allows light to pass into your home but prevents others looking in from the other side. 

Improving Hinge Strength

They are often overlooked, but hinges play a critical role in establishing the strength of your doors. The longer the hinge, the more firmly your door is anchored to the wall and the more force it will take to kick the door in. If you have the option, choose longer hinges for your French doors to provide them the stability they need to stand up to a home intruder. 

Installing Hurricane-Rated Glass

The glass panes in French doors are their weakest part, but they don't have to be. Recognizing that robbers were once able to simply kick the glass and unlock the door from within, some French door manufacturers are now fitting their doors with hurricane-proof glass. This glass was originally designed to withstand the force of hurricane winds in vulnerable homes, but it is also an effective way to give potential burglars a sore foot instead of easy access to your home. 

Securing the Doors With Deadbolt Locks

A typical French door is now equipped with multiple locks, including a primary deadbolt across the handles to prevent someone from kicking the doors in. This deadbolt can only be locked or unlocked with a key, meaning it will remain secure even if the burglar manages to break your glass. Other bolts may be incorporated into surrounding walls and floors to offer additional protection without ruining the aesthetics of your doors. 

Integrating Your Security System With Your Doors

Finally, there is no denying that any type of door is a vulnerable point in your home's security. Security systems seek to minimize this by detecting excessive force when it is applied to doors and windows and then setting off an alarm and notifying authorities. These systems work with French doors and offer a final layer of protection to set your mind at ease. With both looks and security behind them, it's no wonder that French doors are seeing a resurgence in popularity in home design.

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