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Three Window Improvements To Reduce Energy Loss For The Winter Months

The windows in your home may be one of the areas where you lose the most heat. This is why you may be considering different improvements to keep the energy in your home. Replacing them may be too costly, but there are many other things that can be done, such as installing window film, shutters, and treatments to help make them more energy efficient. Here are some window improvements that will help you keep the heat in your home this winter: 

1. Installing Window Films To Improve Old Glass

Window films are a great solution to help improve the energy efficiency of old glass. This can be done to old windows that have really thin glass in them. If you have a historic home, some of the windows may have features that you do not want to change. The window film can be a great solution to update these windows. It can also be used to make windows shatter resistant and can help reduce glare and UV exposure in your home. This is something that can be done to any windows to help make them more energy efficient.

2. Using Shutters For Energy Efficiency And Security

If you also want to add security to your home, you may also want to consider installing shutters. They come in many different styles that will match any home design. If you have a classic-style home, you may want to consider more traditional shutters. If you have a contemporary design, roller shutters can be a good investment, as well as give you many options for automation of your shutters by simply adding motors and controls to your shutters.

3. Stop Drafts With Good Window Treatments For Your Home

One of the biggest issues that may cause you to lose energy from your windows is cold drafts. First, you will want to make sure that any drafty windows are well sealed and insulated. Once you have sealed the windows, you can also add window treatments to help reduce drafts. This can be done with a combination of thermal blinds and curtains, which can help ensure that the windows have the insulation they need and that your home is draft free. 

These are some window improvements to help keep heat in your home this winter. If you are ready to start with some of these improvements for your home, contact a window screen repair contractor (such as one from Roys Screen Service) to help you start with these projects.