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Plan A Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party For Your Young Son

If your young son is getting ready to celebrate his birthday and is interested in dinosaurs, the following activities can be offered during his birthday party in order to make it enjoyable for him and each of the guests who attend the event. Once the party is over, your child will rave about the wonderful time that he had and you will feel good because you were able to hold a celebration that was so meaningful to him.

Dinosaur Egg Rock Wall

Reserve a rock wall that is intended for children from a party rental supplier like City Rentals. Purchase some large plastic eggs that are multiple colors, prior to the event. Fill each one with a small toy that is reflective of the party's theme. Plastic dinosaurs or a miniature book about prehistoric times are two items that would work well. Fill each egg with one gift.

On the day of the event, have the rock wall set up in the area that is designated for the party. Place the eggs across the top of the wall. Set up races in which two or three children compete against each other to climb the wall in the shortest amount of time. Whoever reaches the top first can grab the egg that is closest to them and keep the prize inside of it. Repeat this process several times throughout the party so that each child has a chance to win a prize. If anyone doesn't win, give them an egg and commend them on their hard efforts.

Historical Bone Sand Pit

Fill a kiddie pool with sand and purchase some plastic dinosaur bones that replicate real bones inside of the pool. Replica bones can be purchased from many novelty shops and toy stores. Create or purchase certificates that have an area where you can fill in a child's name. Place the bones in strategic areas so that the children cannot find them all immediately. On the day of the event, hand a plastic shovel to each participant. Give out the certificates as the bones are found, filling in the name of the appropriate child in the spaces that are allotted.

Create A Dinosaur Station

Set up a couple long tables and place various craft supplies on them that will allow the children to create their own dinosaur. Foam balls, wiggly eyes, foam shapes, sparkles, glue, and pipe cleaners are all materials that you may want to include. Place chairs around the table, spacing them far enough apart so that each child has plenty of room to work on their own creation without any interference.

If you would like to provide the children with some assistance, create a few dinosaur examples of your own and display them on the tables before the party begins. You can also place a few photographs of dinosaurs on the tables for the children to look at. After the children are finished with the project, discuss their creations with them and allow each guest to take the one that they made home with them.

Take many pictures of your son on his big day and while he is enjoying each of the activities that you have planned for him and his friends. He will feel extra special and will have many fond memories to look back upon.