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5 Stunning Styles For A Walk-In Shower

Your shower stall is more than the place you clean up every day. In fact, a kitted out walk-in shower can serve as the centerpiece of your bathroom décor. At the very least, the shower stall should send you off every morning in style. Design a walk-in shower that complements both your bathroom and your morning routine.

Glass Room

Glass naturally glistens even when dry. Make the shower stall the focal point of your bathroom by transforming it into a glistening jewel. Not only should the shower door be glass, but also the walls. Select glass tile over ceramic for a naturally shimmering look. If possible, locate the shower right in front of a window. You can have the window covered in a mirrored film if privacy is an issue.

Japanese Inspiration

Japanese design is characterized by elegant simplicity. It utilizes natural materials such as wood, bamboo and stone. For your Japanese stall, consider replacing ceramic tile with slate. Add to this shower fixtures that resemble bamboo and a teak stool. If space allows, keep the shower open. Otherwise, enclose it in glass to keep the focal point on the natural materials.

Minimalist Design

Similar to the simplicity of Japanese style is contemporary design. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, minimalist décor moves away from ornate fixtures in favor of clean lines and elegant simplicity. For such a shower, start with plain subway tiles. Add fixtures with geometric lines, such as a swan neck shower head and lever handle. Have the glass shower stall custom built to enclose the space. Consider adding to the sleek look with metal frames around the glass.

Spa Luxury

If you've ever relaxed at a spa resort, you've probably dreamed of recreating the luxury in your own bathroom. In fact, your shower stall can become a soothing retreat with a few upgrades. Start with a spa panel featuring different shower sprays. If possible, have the glass enclosure sealed, and add a steam generator. This transforms your shower into a steam bath. Include a spacious bench for reclining.

Opulent Elegance

If your bathroom is about old time glamour, bring this ambience into your shower. The best way to do this is to upgrade your materials. Marble is a beautiful material for your walls and floor that instantly channels an Italian villa. Add a luxurious rain shower head – you can even include it in a spa panel. Built-in niches and a bench also add to the elegance of such a shower stall.

A custom shower stall provides a bit of everyday luxury. For more information about how to get the shower of your dreams, contact a company like Southern Glass & Mirror.