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3 Tips For Preventing A Clogged Drip Irrigation System

Installing a drip irrigation system in your garden is a good way to conserve water. Drip irrigation systems deposit water directly onto the roots of the plants through a series of pipes and tubes. These irrigation systems also reduce the possibility of overwatering your plants. In order for the irrigation system to work consistently, it needs to be maintained. Poorly maintained systems often result in clogged water filters. As a result,  if your drip irrigation system becomes clogged there are a few tips that you can use to unclog it and get your system up and running.

Add Chlorine To The Irrigation System's Drip Lines

A number of things like bacteria and algae are bound to begin forming in your drip irrigation system. If these organisms are not removed regularly they will eventually clog up your irrigation system. To remedy the problem, you can use chlorine to kill off the algae, bacteria and any organisms that have started to build up in your system.

In order to do this, add the chlorine towards the end of the drip cycle. This will allow the chlorine to kill off any organisms. Once the chlorine has done its job, the water in the drip lines will flush out the remaining chlorine.

Use A Commercial Drip Treatment To Clear The Lines

A commercial drip treatment is a chemical solution that is designed to get rid of a number of harmful  things that may be causing build-up in your irrigation system. It handles anything from hard water to iron build up.

A commercial drip treatment can be applied by pouring the solution into your drip lines. The treatment should be applied towards the end of the drip cycle.

Regularly Clean Out Your Water Filters

Water filters are good for catching any debris and sediments before they enter your irrigation system. If these sediments and debris are allowed to build, they will eventually clog your filters and cut off the flow of water to your plants. In order to prevent this, it is important to clean out your filters every few weeks.

You can do this by using a soft bristled brush to scrape off any debris or you can soak your filters in warm water until the debris is removed.

A clogged drip irrigation system can end up destroying your plants. As a result, use these tips to ensure that your drip irrigation system always remains unclogged and in working condition. If you need assistance managing a problem, contact a professional drip irrigation service