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3 Signs You Have Water Damage Behind Your Walls

Signs of water damage are not always obvious. Often times, water damage is caused by hidden forces, such as a leaking pipe or a small leak on your roof. Bursting pipes, huge holes in your roof, or even floods are not always the cause of water damage. Here are a few subtle signs your house may be giving you that you have water damage lurking in areas and places that you just can't see.

#1 Strange Smells

Pay attention to your nose when you smell something strange. If you start to notice a strange smell, or notice that a particular area of your house smells dank or earthy, do not just dismiss it. If you smell something strange more than once, you need to take the time to investigate and figure out what is causing the smell.

Often times, when water is leaking behind walls or too much moisture is accumulating, before visual signs start to develop, you'll notice a strange smell or notice that the overall smell of your house starts to change.

#2 Warped Or Buckling Surfaces

Your walls and flooring should remain relatively flat and smooth. Under normal circumstances, the surfaces in your house should not change that much over time. If you start to notice that you wall looks warped, or your flooring is buckling, excess moisture is the most likely culprit.

If your floor feels different when you walk on it, and it feels like some areas are softer than they used to be, don't ignore these instincts. Get into your crawl space or basement and see if water is leaking. If you can't do that, pull up the flooring and figure out what is really causing it to feel so different.

#3 Peeling Wall Surfaces

Excess moisture and water behind the walls can wreak havoc on the front of your walls as well. If the paint or wallpapers on your walls suddenly start to peel or bubble in a particular area of your home, but not in the rest of your home, something is acting on your wall surfaces to disrupt them. If you can't spot visible moisture build-up on the visible parts of your walls, then there is likely moisture behind them that is causing this change in wall surfaces.

If you start to smell, feel or see strange things around your home, do not dismiss them. All of the signs listed above are also signs of behind the scene water damage. Try your best to investigate what is causing the signs listed above. If you can't figure out what is causing the issues, put in a call today to a water damage clean-up business, such as Complete Restoration Services, to do a more thorough investigation and to help you fix the issues you are experiencing.