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Effectively Filtrering Naturally Occurring Arsenic In Residential Well Water

If your contractor has finished drilling your new home's water well, and you have discovered that the water is contaminated with naturally occurring arsenic, then it's imperative for you to properly filter the water before your household uses it. A high concentration of arsenic is a serious health threat for both your family and your pets. Thankfully, there are two excellent options you can use to remove the arsenic:

  1. a whole-house arsenic removal filter
  2. individual water tap filters

Here is some information about groundwater arsenic and effectively removing it from your home's well water:

The Source of Groundwater Arsenic

As with many of the other minerals found in groundwater, arsenic comes from deep inside of the earth. The arsenic enters into the water table through geological formations such as mountains and earthquake fault lines.

Unfortunately, unlike many other natural minerals, arsenic is not as simple or inexpensive to filter out. Arsenic removal requires special water treatment filters. These filters are designed to filter the water either for the entire home or at just one water tap.

Whole-House Arsenic Removal

To remove arsenic from all of your household's water, you need to install a whole-house, also called a point-of-entry, water filtration system. Whole-house filters are situated between your home's water main and the well plumbing.

Whole-house filters use a special regeneratable media bed to remove the arsenic, through a process known as adsorption. Adsorption filters are not inexpensive, but they do effectively remove the arsenic from all of your home's water. Point-of-entry systems prevent health problems from inhalation of arsenic while showering and accidental drinking by your children or pets.

Single Water Tap Arsenic Removal

If your well water is not heavily contaminated with arsenic, then you can install single water tap filters, also referred to as point-of-use filters, to make the water safe for use. This type of filter typically uses reverse osmosis membranes to remove the arsenic and is installed in the cabinet under the sink.

Single water tap removal systems are less expensive to purchase, but they require regular replacement of the membranes because they are not regenerative as they are in a whole-house system.


While you cannot avoid natural arsenic contamination in your property's groundwater, you can remove it when it is present so it does not harm your pets or your family members. For more information about the treatment of arsenic contaminated water, talk with a water professional, like those at Valley Pump Inc, in your city or town.