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What You Should Know About Toxic Black Mold In Your Garage

If your garage smells musty and moldy, contact mold remediation contractors right away. Those unpleasant scents may indicate that you have a very dangerous black mold called Aspergillus niger growing in your garage. Aspergillus niger can create mycotoxins in the garage that place you at risk for severe immune, lung and skin conditions, diseases and illnesses. If you're exposed to mycotoxins and have a compromised immune system, you may develop nosebleeds, breathing problems and a host of other issues. To stay safe and avoid the health problems associated with toxic black mold, it's critical that you learn how it develops and what mold remediation treatment can do to get rid of it.

How Does Aspergillus niger Develop in Your Garage?

Aspergillus nigercan grow in almost any structure as long as it contains some moisture or water. If your garage's structure is compromised in any way, the mold can grow on its walls, ceiling and wooden frame.

You should check your garage door to see if the bottom and top seals are missing, loose or broken, and repair them right away. Even if rain can't seep through the compromised door, moisture can. 

You can also check the roof of your garage. Holes and missing shingles can affect the integrity of the garage's roof, which leaves it open to rain and heat. If you can't repair the damaged roof on your own, have a professional roofer do it for you.

There are other areas of the garage you need to check as well.

Can Toxic Black Mold Damage Your Tools and Equipment?

Like other types of fungi, toxic black mold can grow on any organic or natural surface that contains moisture or water. Because of this, tools and equipment made with sand paper, wood, microfiber, and leather are vulnerable to mold growth. 

If you notice black spots or patches on the items mentioned above, set them aside and wait for your mold remediation contractors to clean them for you. If you do try to clean the moldy tools and equipment, you may develop health problems from breathing or touching the mold on them.

How Does Mold Remediation Work?

Remediation contractors will employ a number of techniques to remove the black mold from your garage, tools and equipment. Depending on the severity of the mold growth, the contractors will try to save as many of your things as possible. To do so, they may use high concentrations of fungicides during the treatment.

If you have concerns about Aspergillus niger in your garage, contact your mold remediation team for a detailed inspection and treatment.

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