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3 Indicators That Your Well Pump Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced

If your home solely depends on a private well for its water supply, then you have to be ready to tackle any problems that occur (well, maybe not you). When you start having problems with your well water system, the submersible well pump may be the problem. However, there are a couple of other things to check as well. Here are the possible culprits of three well pump problems:

1. There Is No Water.

When you turn on your kitchen or bathroom faucet and zero water shoots out, this is one of the most obvious signs that you have a problem with some part of your well system. As a general rule, it is probably your well pump that is the problem. This is particularly true if you have a submersible pump, which needs to be under water in order to work.

However, the issue could be something much simpler, including a clogged line, broken pipe, or blown fuse. You probably want to check these issues first before jumping to the conclusion that it is your pump. If it turns out that your pump is the problem, and it is just clogged, you may be able to clean it and avoid replacement. Otherwise, it will likely need to be replaced by a professional well pump expert.

2. There Is Little to No Water Pressure.

If you switch on your faucet and get water but the pressure isn't the greatest, your pump could be trying to go out on you. When a submersible pump is unable to operate at full capacity, it will often cause issues with water pressure before anything else. This is because there is an inadequate amount of water being pumped into your home.

However, other culprits of poor water pressure could be leaks in the pressure tank or water pipes. Once you check all well components above ground and have not found the problem, then it's most likely your well pump.

3. The Pump Is Running Constantly.

Anything that runs continuously when it isn't supposed to is a sign that something is wrong. If your pump is constantly running, then it won't be long before it really starts to wear down and go out. Sometimes, when your pump is continuously running, it is due to a faulty sensor or shutoff switch. Make sure to check these first. The problem could also be that the pump is not at adequate water levels and is unable to process the right amount of water. Although a constantly running pump can be a minor issue, if it is not fixed soon, it can and will eventually destroy the well pump.

Most homeowners don't prefer to get their "hands dirty," especially when it comes to a well and its components. If you believe there is a problem with your well pump or well system, contact a professional like Mike's Pump and Well Service LLC immediately for an inspection.