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Guaranteeing Safety And Responsibility - Developing A Confined Space Protection Policy

One of the most difficult challenges that can face any labor force is conducting work in a confined and limited space. Whether you're dealing with the potential effects of hazardous fumes, the threat of a long fall, or all of the above, it's vitally important that you have a strategy in mind that will maximize safety and guarantee responsibility and accountability.

Below, you'll find a guide to developing your confined space protection policy. With these suggestions in mind, you can alter your strategy to be sure that everyone in your crew remains safe as you complete jobs as thoroughly and successfully as possible.

Clear Authority and Responsibility

The most vital aspect of any safety plan is knowing who is responsible for each aspect of it. Indeed, when working in an enclosed space this is especially important, as low lighting conditions and poor acoustics can make communication difficult even under the best of circumstances.

You should be sure that, before you enter the space, you've designed a point person who is in charge of ordering an evacuation or other important safety proceedings in the event that they become necessary. You should also have each safety task gamed out and fully assigned, as doing so will allow your work in the space to go smoothly and avoid potential hangups.

Thorough Space Profiling

If you enter a confined space and find yourself surprised by any of its characteristics, it's likely that you did an inadequate job of preparing for your excursion. Indeed, confined space protection is almost impossible unless you have a thorough understanding of what you're up against.

Be sure that you have a full understanding of the dimensions of the space as well as its structural integrity. You should also be aware of any pipes or wiring that intersect with your working area, and if there's any risk of fume buildup or structural instability, that needs to be thoroughly considered as well.

Adequate Signage

No matter how intensely you prepare to work in a confined space, you'll likely still need the occasional reminder of what you're facing. As such, hanging signs that highlight potential hazards is an important step. By making sure that warning signs are posted, you'll not only protect your crew but also anyone else who happens upon your work area. This will allow you to maximize safety while minimizing liability and taking some important steps towards completing a potentially hazardous task. For assistance, talk to a professional like Public Works Supply.