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5 Luxurious Products Needed To Create Your Dream Bathroom

Everyone has their dream home. In it, they have their dream rooms, including the bathroom. Regardless of size, any bathroom can easily be transformed into a luxury destination with a few new components and upgrades. Here are a few spa-like components that can really bring your dream bathroom to life while keeping energy efficiency in mind:

Heated Bathtub

No dream bathroom is complete without a spa-like tub. For the best possible soaking experience, you may want to consider a heated tub. Some tubs feature technology that heats the tub's surface so that your neck, back and body can truly relax. It's a new kind of warmth.

Built-In Sound System

One of the best ways to relax when taking a bath is with some sweet tunes. However, it can be dangerous dragging your smartphone near the bathtub with you to play music from your playlist. Instead, you should consider having a built-in sound system. You can opt for a system that will play audio from your smartphone, but it will be in a safe location so it doesn't get damaged and you don't get hurt.

Touchless Technology

Germs spread fast, even in your own home. Therefore, if there's something you can do to slow down that process, then you probably want to. One of the best ways to have a hygienic bathroom is to use touchless technology for the toilet and the faucets. If you don't want to replace your toilet, you can always purchase a kit that will convert your standard toilet into one that doesn't require your touch.

Radiant Heating

Another component that any luxury bathroom needs in radiant floor heating. This type of system provides heat through the floorboards so that you never step foot on a cold floor when you step out of the bath or shower. No one ever has to know it's there because it's invisible and quiet. Plus, it's very energy-efficient, so you won't have to worry about your energy bill skyrocketing with this new system.

Heated Towel Bar

Just as most people do not enjoy a cold floor after a nice, warm bath or shower, the majority of people don't enjoy drying off with a cold towel either. You can combat this by installing a heated towel bar that mounts to the wall. As soon as you get out of the bath or shower, you can grab a toasty towel from the rack and get instant coziness.

Most of these components aren't DIY installations. Because they require plumbing and electrical work, it's always recommended to have a professional tackle the installation as well as any repairs that are needed. This is to ensure an accurate installation and everyone's safety.

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