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How To Create An Amazing Contemporary Kitchen

Are you re-decorating your existing kitchen, or are you designing one for a brand new home? Either way, if you've chosen to establish a contemporary mood in your kitchen, following these steps will help you to obtain the look you desire. 

Understand The Definition - You might confuse contemporary with modern. Modern design in a kitchen establishes an actual design movement from history. Contemporary is what is trendy today. In addition, contemporary design can borrow from the modern movement, a ranch style from the 1950s, European decorating, and even traditional design with touches from any other kind of decorating. Take a look at books on modern Danish decorating for some inspiration. Contemporary is fun!

How To Set The Mood - Remember that in contemporary design, there are hard and sleek horizontal lines. Simplicity rules.

  • If you want neutral colors, a good choice for the wall paint is white or pale mocha,  If that's too tame for you, choose your favorite color, even lavender, but go with very soft hues.
  • For some drama against the practical feel of your kitchen, consider bright colors for your walls. A fun idea is to paint one wall a totally different color from the other walls. 
  • For your kitchen decor, choose black, white and red, or chrome pieces. Framed city scenes would be fabulous. Consider having a "rogues gallery" with fun snapshots of friends and family framed in sleek red.

Choose Contemporary Cabinetry - Here's where practicality and beauty are really combined.

  • No matter what color of paint you have selected, wooden cabinets that show the natural grain of the wood are perfect for a contemporary kitchen. 
  • A great touch is to have chrome handles and knobs. Remember, keep the design simple!
  • Choose cabinets that have pull-out drawers and lazy-Susans in corners, so there won't be wasted space.
  • In addition, select some cabinets that have vertical dividers. These are perfect for large cookie sheets, lids and shallow casserole dishes.
  • Don't forget to choose some spaces that will hold large items like crock pots and roasters.
  • A hanging rack for pots and pans is both attractive and practical.
  • A great extra touch is to choose higher cabinets with lighting in them so you can display your favorite dishes, cookbooks, pottery and other collectibles.
  • A large island with storage cabinets is both practical and fun, as it's a great place for casual meals with your friends and family. 

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