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Three Options For Repairs To Vinyl Siding That Will Last And Add Durability

If you have a vinyl siding on your home, it is important to know that it is not indestructible. This is why you may eventually need to have repairs done to your siding. This can be due to things like cracking, seams coming loose or fading and deterioration from direct sunlight. All of these problems can easily be repaired by a vinyl repair contractor, but there are options when you have these repairs done. Here are four repairs that you may need to have done to vinyl siding, and some things you may want to consider for a longer lasting and more durable siding:

1. Cracking Vinyl Problems And Replacement

One of the most common problems with vinyl is cracking. This can happen when the vinyl is hit when it is cold or areas where kids play. This vinyl can be replaced with foam-backed products, which will provide your siding with strength to resist cracking and abuse. It will also help your home to be more energy efficient. You can have just a section of siding replaced with this material, or large areas done with this siding to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

2. Unzipped Vinyl Seams And Putting Them Back Together

Vinyl siding can also come unzipped at the seams, which can be fixed using a special tool to reattach the joints in vinyl siding. You may also want to consider, breaking up large rows of siding with different wall coverings, siding and frieze boards. If you have to have a long row of siding on a wall, you may want to ask the siding contractor to put a couple of nails or screws at the area where the siding has come loose. Adding fasteners at these joints will prevent the problem of unzipping joints in the future.

3. Deteriorating Siding And Options For Vinyl UV Protection

Siding can also deteriorate with excessive sunlight. There are vinyl products that have UV protection to prevent this from happening. If you replace this siding with a product that does not have UV protection, you may want to consider using a vinyl-cleaning product with UV protection or another material in this area such as exterior veneer. This is a problem that will usually only affect the south-facing area of your home that gets more sunlight.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider when you are having repairs done to your siding. If your siding has been damaged, contact a vinyl siding repair contractor like W L HURST INC and ask them about some of these durable solutions.