Installing a Home Theater? Leave the Wiring to an Electrician

Why You Should Consider Rewiring Your Older Home

If you live in an older home that you know hasn't had the electrical wiring updated in a while, then you should probably consider rewiring it or just getting an inspection at least. Even if you do not notice any problems, there could still be safety issues present that you are completely unaware of. Here are the reasons to consider rewiring your electrical system:

  • ​​Old Wires are a Safety Issue: Any faulty wires in the home can cause a residential fire and can go completely unnoticed until the moment your home burns down. You can never be sure if the wires in the older home you have purchased are up to code or not. This is why it is important that you have an inspection done by a professional electrician, especially if you notice that any breakers trip, lights flicker,  or there is a constant burning smell when you turn on lights. After the inspection is done, then you will know whether or not rewiring needs to be done.
  • Aluminum Wires are Dangerous: Many older homes use aluminum wiring for the electrical system, which poses a safety hazard. This is because this type of wiring loosens over time, which can cause overheating and even fire. During the inspection by a professional, he or she will be able to tell you whether or not the aluminum wiring in your home needs to be replaced. Sometimes the aluminum wiring may be safe, but only for a certain amount of time, and the electrician will be able to give you an estimated amount of time that you have before needing replacement.
  • You May Need Extra Power: Old electrical systems do not have the power needed to control the number of electronics that homeowners use nowadays. With flat screen TVs, gaming systems, computers, and more, older homes may not be able to support it. This is why rewiring is suggested since it will increase the value of your home and make living more functional.
  • You Can Plan Ahead: It is suggested for homeowners to install as many wires as they can to ensure that  in the future when more technology comes out, the home will still be able to support it. This may cost more, but it can really increase the value of your home, which may be worth it for you in the end. 

When you are living in an older home, there are plenty of reasons to consider upgrading the electrical wiring. Not only will this improve your safety in the home, but also ensure that you make the home that much more valuable. To learn more, contact a company like Palmer Electric Inc.