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How To Remove Stains From Concrete

Concrete is a sturdy material that is used for outdoor floors like garages and patios, as well as flooring indoors. If you have stains on your concrete from oil, grease, tomato sauce or wine, you might want to get it cleaned up so your concrete looks like new. Here are some simple ways to remove those pesky stains from your concrete floors.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

The first thing you should know about stains on concrete is that they usually occur because liquids have soaked into the material. Concrete is a porous material, so liquids like motor oil and grease will soak into the material if it isn't cleaned up quickly. However, you can avoid a bad stain by wiping up the spill right away. If you have a concrete garage floor, make a habit of wiping up motor oil and other spills every time you work on your car.

Use a Concrete Cleaner

Naturally, the best type of cleaner for concrete stains is a cleaning product meant specifically for this material. Check with your local hardware store to find a concrete cleaner. This type of cleaner is best for oil, grease, dirt, and indoor stains. For paint, mildew or rust, you may need a different type of cleaner for the concrete. Read the labels on the concrete cleaner containers to be sure it cleans up the type of stain you are dealing with.

Do a Spot Test

It is a good idea to spot test the cleaner before you continue, to make sure the cleaner is going to work and that it won't affect the staining of your concrete. Some concrete floors, especially those located inside your home, have staining or dyes used to turn them a different color. If this is the case, spot test only a small corner of the concrete to be sure the cleaner does not affect your floor's color. If it does, choose a different cleaning product.

Apply the Cleaner

Read the instructions on the cleaning product to see if any mixing needs to be done first. You should protect yourself with long sleeves and gloves for mixing the cleaner. When it is ready, pour the cleaner directly onto the stained area. Use a stiff brush or a broom to scrub the stain, allowing the cleaning solution to soak into the material and start breaking up the stain. Let it sit for several minutes to continue working on the stain.

Rinse and Finish

Once you have removed as much of the stain as you can, rinse the floor with water to be sure all the cleaning solution is gone. A squeegee is a good item to have on hand for removing excess water before using a dry mop to finish rinsing the floor.

For harder-to-clean stains, consider hiring professional cleaning services