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How To Reduce Noise Pollution And Keep Your Industrial Space Comfortable

One of the biggest reasons industry and manufacturing companies require ear plugs for their employees is because they reduce the excessive decibels that radiate throughout the plant. The excessive noise, or noise pollution, can cause employees to go deaf. Installing heating and air conditioning in these areas often increases the amount of noise pollution. To reduce the amount of noise pollution in your plant, consider some quieter options offered by commercial HVAC services like Pro-Staff Mechanical Inc.

Gas-Operated Garage and Commercial Heating Units

These high-powered, low energy consumption units are easily mounted to any corner or wall of your factory. They are extremely quiet and the only thing that gives them away is the level of comfort you and your employees feel when the temperature is just right throughout all of the work stations. HVAC contractors can locate several of these units and install them for you. You can choose between two gas-fueled unit types:

  • propane
  • natural gas

Most of these units rely on propane, but your HVAC technician can also convert them to natural gas, should you so choose.

The Second Most Quiet Option

Ductless heat pumps create both cool and warm air. You can keep your factory work floor comfortable all year round and remove the large vents that tend to rattle and hum, even if your heating and cooling system is not switched on. Taking the metal air conductors out of the equation reduces a lot of the noise that you hear overhead in your factory. You will find that you have to yell less to be heard, sweat less in the summer, and freeze less in the winter when you have a ductless system installed.

The Third Most Quiet Option

The modern versions of boilers and steam heat produce some noise, but they are still quieter than traditional ventilation heating and cooling. In addition to reducing the noise pollution, boilers and steam heat provide a level of humidity to your breathable air that you do not get with most heating options. In the colder months, indoor air, especially in industrial and factory settings, becomes very dry and can cause upper respiratory issues for your employees. This is one reason why some factories prefer boilers and steam heat to the garage and commercial heaters.

Hiring HVAC Contractors with the Solutions You Want

Depending on where you live, your local HVAC contractors can provide one or more of the above solutions. You can ask the contractors during their estimate visit what they might suggest to reduce the overall noise in the plant, and what heating and cooling options they prefer when it comes to reducing noise and keeping things physically comfortable in the work place. They might have access to other options not discussed here, so it behooves you to ask.